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Our hands-on, interactive artistic workshops explore various Jewish texts or topics and are suitable for families, missions, tour groups, leadership training, educators, school groups and camps, among others. Workshops are usually 1.5-2 hours long, but will be adapted to your group’s interests, needs, and requirements. 


Each workshop includes an introduction to unique artwork that expresses Jewish ideas in vibrant creative form, followed by a hands-on, interactive workshop where participants create their own work. The workshop closes with a facilitated sharing and processing piece. All workshops do not assume any prior Jewish or artistic knowledge or experience- they are accessible to all, creating entry points for each participant. They are facilitated by experienced Jewish educator-artists. 

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I loved all of it! The session was a perfect balance of listening,

interacting, and hands-on!'

‘The opportunity to work on this [Mapping the Journey] project and to share it became very emotional and we will never forget it.'

- Karmi Monsher, Valley Alliance Mission, Los Angeles Federation

‘The prospect of creating my own scroll was scary, but the doing was fun!’

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Various Workshop Photo Credits: Fern Allen

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