Siman Tov Passover Seder

A FREE Downloadable Resource to Enhance Your Seder

The Siman Tov Seder is a set of 15 small booklets, designed by artist David Moss, to enhance & elevate your Passover seder. Each booklet is devoted to one of the 15 steps of the seder, but focuses on an important topic, value or idea. 

Each booklet was originally meant to be shared by two people, who together use the prompt questions, poetry and art to stimulate a lively discussion. The pair can then share their insights with everyone at the seder. It can also be used together as a small family, or even individually.

Kol HaOt imparts Jewish values, texts and history through a creative synthesis of the visual and performing arts.

We believe that harnessing the arts, via our interactive programs, is a necessity, not a luxury, and is an effective model for Jewish education, identity and community.

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