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Artist Residency

Artist Residency
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Photo: Fern Allen

Kol HaOt welcomes visual and multimedia artists who are fascinated with Judaism’s rich sources, to apply to our Artist in Residence program. The artist will be given a spacious studio space at our gallery in Hutzot HaYotzer, at no cost, to work on creative artwork that explores the intersection of the arts, Judaism and Jewish sources.


The Kol HaOt home is located in the inspiring `Hutzot HaYotzer Artists' Colony’, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls, in a quiet, yet urban atmosphere. Artists will work on defined, original themes, to be approved by the Kol HaOt selection committee. Kol HaOt staff will provide logistic and administrative assistance and familiarity with the local artistic cultural and religious scenes. The artist will work daily in an artistically, culturally and historically rich environment, and will interact with gallery visitors and the Kol HaOt team.  

Previous Residents

Some of our previous artists-in-residence include: 

Susie Lubell, Heddy Abramowitz, Diana Simons, Ken Goldman, Judith Margolis, Adam Simon, Sara Cutler, Temma Gentles, Chanan Mazal, Yaffa Shira Grossberg, Elisheva Horowitz, Chana Cromer, Moshe Braun, Yehoshua HaLevi, Kyra Matustik, Aimee Orkin, Roochie Sinai, Lilach Schrag, Dr. Elyssa Wortzman.

  •  Applications are reviewed and accepted on an ongoing, rolling basis.

  • Short-term residency, from 1 to 4 months. 

  • Up to 3-month-stay for overseas residents, due to visa restrictions

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  • Authentic interest to research Judaism and Jewish sources as a basis for their artistic work and inspiration.

  • Creation during the residency of a specific  project in visual arts, drawing on Judaism's rich, wide-ranging sources.

  • Presence at the gallery on a daily basis during working hours.

  • Share with the public the vision behind the artist’s outcomes of the creative process, at the Kol HaOt gallery. This includes daily interaction with visitors; occasional participation in Kol HaOt activities at the Center; and an exhibition/presentation at the conclusion of the residency.

  • Costs of travel, accommodation, production and materials are the responsibility of the artist. Prior to participating in the residency, the artist will be required to affirm their ability to financially cover costs of participating in the residency, as well as their ability to technically carry out their project proposal while in residence.

  • Eligibility: Both Israeli and international artists, experienced artists, and artists starting out their career, are invited to apply.

  • NOTE: Technical equipment is not supplied during the residency. The proposed project should be in a medium that takes into consideration the technical restrictions of the residency.

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The artists will be selected by Kol HaOt’s executive team. Considerations in the selection of artists include:

  • High level of craft and professional abilities.

  • A clear conceptual vision of their project.

  • Willingness to engage with the public, and good communication skills.

  • Preferable dates of the artist and gallery availability. Availability for relatively longer periods will be an advantage.



  1. Complete our Application Form here. You will be required to provide information about your professional artistic experience, as well as describe your interest in the program, and the specific themes and artistic process you plan to undertake during the residency.

  2. Send an email with your CV and 5 select pieces from your portfolio to: Your portfolio pieces should ideally demonstrate how you have integrated Jewish themes into your artwork. 

  3. Qualified applicants will be invited for a Skype or personal meeting, in order to proceed with the selection process.

  4. Due to the vast number of applicants, there may be a delay of up to 6 months regarding the status of your application. Please be patient.

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Application process
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