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Our Own 4 Cubits of Tanach: Personal Gateways into Bible

שיחה עם הצלם עדי נס


Join us for a conversation about Biblical texts with two contemporary authors at Kol Haot Gallery (in the Artists Colony, Jerusalem) Green Pass and registration required. Please sign up here.

The Book of Books has inspired, informed, and empowered people for millennia. But how can it fit into our skeptical and disenchanted 21st-century world? Join two scholars and lovers of Tanach, Yael Unterman, and Rachel Sharansky Danziger, for a conversation about how individuals bring themselves into the text and the text into themselves. They'll discuss the fascinating technique of Bibliodrama and also the ways in which Israeli authors use the Hebrew Bible to simultaneously join an ancient conversation and rebel against it. This event is organized in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Review of Books and Jerusalism. MC: Olga Kirschbaum.

19:00 Gathering & exhibition visit

19:30 Beginning of the event

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