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Midrash Art, portrait & self-portrait - Sandra Valabregue

A weekly workshop of Beit Midrash and Art practice Texts study dealing with body representation in Judaism What have the different Jewish traditions to say about human body, diukan, parzufim, about physical midot? Taking inspiration from our text study we will continue on to painting practice, portrait and self-portrait. This workshop will provide intimate work and personal training in small groups. Sundays, 6-8.30pm,2000₪/month material not included (you can come for one class try) Green Passport only Kol HaOt, Gallery, Hutzot hayotser. Please feel free to call or write for more details 054-204-1055 about the artist Dr. Sandra Valabregue-Perry is a French and Israeli painter and an independent scholar in medieval Kabbalah and philosophy. She has a M. degree in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris, a degree in art from the Beaux Arts de Paris and, a PhD from the Hebrew University. She has been teaching over the years in Prestigious University over the world, USA, Israel and France. Her work has been exhibited in Israel, USA and France (now in “Body Landscape”, Israel Museum)



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