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48: Creative Quarantine

In conversation with photographer Adi Ness

Kol Haot Gallery | 11.11.2021 - 30.12.2021

Curator and Designer - Eli Kaplan Wildmann

48 artists were invited to work in quarantine in a beautiful studio in Jerusalem’s picturesque artist colony, for 48 hours each. They each worked on their own interpretation of one of the 48 paths to acquiring Torah listed in the Mishnah of Avot (6:6). The resulting works range from visual arts to poetry and music; acrobatics and dance to glass and paper, while the artists themselves had a diverse array of religious backgrounds and approaches to creation. This exhibit will display what brought them together during lockdown - making art with limitations on time and space - and will also invite you to experience isolation and the burst of inspiration it can bring.


Yaron Meir, Yonatan Brenner, Eliana Bayer-Gamulka, Tamar Meir, Mor Gal, Neta Pulvermacher, Talya Peri, Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen, Eran Levy, Matt Berkowitz, Rona Shpiller, Noga Harel, Michelle Brint, Meryl Salpeter, Leroy Bar-Natan, Savyon, Avishai Huri, Avigail Fried, Judith Yehudit Appleton, Shlomit Naim-Naor, Gilat Chakesky, Yelena Kvetny, Matan Kohn, Yuval Zehavi, Basmat Hazan, Agustin Jais, Hadar Ben Eliahu, Devorah Roytenberg Charash, Avigayil Rosenaum, Sarai Shavit , Eli Kaplan Wildmann, Chani Goodman Winkler, Miryam, Adler, Dana Naim Hafouta, Roman Koifman, Linda Lieff Altabef, Yehudit Liberman, Hadara Rachel Steinberg, Maya Smira, Idit Kischinovsky, Yaal Herman, Danielle Weil, Noga Dekalo, Judith Anis, Karol Shmueli, Heddy Breuer Abramowitz

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