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48: Creative Quarantine

48 artists of all disciplines will go into quarantine, alone or with one other artist, throughout January and February, in our studio in Jerusalem. (Yes, you can leave to sleep! So if you’re not from the area, do figure out a place to spend the night)

The Jewish tradition lists ways to receive and reach the Torah: “Kinyanei Hatora.” These universal 48 items are also our starting-off point for the artists’ projects. The list can be viewed at the end of this page. (There’s only one per artist, so first come first serve)

We are inviting any artist who wants to isolate for 48 hours of creation. Artists of all kinds are welcome, including -

Fine arts / Design / Performance Art / Poetry / Writing / Spoken Word / Sound / Music / Dance

Submission Deadline: January 14th 2021

Beginning of Quarantines: January 17th 2021

The application is simple, with a few questions plus adding links to your work, and no need to write anything in advance.

Accepted artists will receive -

  • A workspace in our studio in the Artist’s Colony, Jerusalem

  • A final presentation of selected works from the isolating artists

  • Documentation of the work and professional photographs of the artist at work

  • A kitchenette with food, and 400 nis reimbursement of expenses

  • An opportunity to create during Corona with isolation and a Jewish source as inspiration

Frequently Asked Questions -

  • What is the goal? To give artists a chance to create, do something new, and to see Jewish text in a new light

  • Where is the location? The Kol Haot studio in the Artist’s Colony, next to Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City. You can read more about Kol Haot on this website.

  • When will we be notified? We will accept and schedule artists on a rolling basis as applications come in - so apply soon!

  • What about rights to our work? The accepted artists will receive clear details, but in short - artists maintain ownership of their work, including any physical objects that are created, and Kol Haot maintains rights to use all documentation of the work and the process.

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